The Rolex Milgauss Reference 6541, Luxury Swiss Rolex Watches

The storyline from the Rolex Milgauss starts with its striking lightning-secure formed seconds hands. The abnormally formed hands are among the most recognizable and desirable options that come with the initial anti-magnetic Rolex, and something which was greatly appreciated inside the small scientific community to whom the timepiece was intended – and it is exactly what a much bigger number of enthusiasts enjoy concerning the latest model too.

The Milgauss started using the lightning secure hands, and it has it today, however, when the 2nd iteration (ref. 1019) adopted an upright seconds hands, curiosity about the fake Rolex Milgauss dropped enough where Rolex eventually made the decision to prevent producing it. In England, retailers thought it was so difficult to get buyers they started while using the watch like a bargaining nick when selling various other popular Oyster models. You heard right – sooner or later, you can get this Rolex Watches out for next to nothing (and often you probably did).

Best Rolex Milgauss Watch

My very own knowledge about the Swiss Rolex Milgauss is extremely different. I started having to pay focus on watches seriously around the same time frame the Milgauss was re-launched – in 2007 – and for some time, it was the Rolex I needed to obtain. I had been 18 in those days, and like many youthful adults, I discovered something that clearly distinguished me from my parents’ generation very appealing. The brand new, more lower-to-earth, more colorful Milgauss and it is electric seconds hands felt just like a clean break from a few of the various other traditional models produced by Rolex. In hindsight, it had been pretty silly of me to consider any Rolex to be counter-culture. But that is the way I viewed the Milgauss.

The Rolex Milgauss Reference 6541 has been around since 1956, also it was among the first wristwatches able to maintain time precisely when uncovered to strong magnetic fields because of its soft-iron inner situation. It was really the 2nd Milgauss, following the ref. 6543 (regardless of the reference figures, ref. 6543 really came first) that was a wristwatch Rolex produced in really small figures, and which bears little resemblance to subsequent models.

The style of the rolex watches was much like another professional Rolex model noted for its potential to deal with water, not magnetism. Similar to the Submariner, the Milgauss was presented within an Oyster situation made from steel, technically which makes it a sports watch, just like the Submariner, it’d a graduated rotating bezel, bubble indexes (in a few places), and possibly most significant of (to Men Watches collectors) just one type of red text indicating the specific model.